Cellfood Oxygen Gel 50 ml


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Cellfood Oxygen Gel is specially formulated to take advantage of the dramatic topical benefits of Cellfood. Our formulators have utilized specific high quality ingredients- each one known to be an exceptional skin rejuvenator- to create a skin gel that is both beautifying and healing. Winner of the 1997 Advanced Technology Award, Cellfood is the cell-oxygenating formula that makes Cellfood Oxygen Gel the most nourishing, revitalizing skin care product available. It contains 78 ionic trace minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen. But what makes Cellfood especially unique is its ability to ‘dissociate’ water molecules- weakening their bonds and releasing vital oxygen and hydrogen. This ability to release cascades of these precious building blocks of life has made Cellfood one of America’s fastest-growing nutritional products today.

  • Renews skin texture, promoting a healthier, youthful complexion
  • Supports healing of problem skin conditions and reduces blemishes
  • Restores skin’s natural balance for all skin types
  • Softens and smooths dry skin and defines oily skin
  • Revitalizes skin’s moisture and decreases the appearance of fine lines