Comfy Grip Walking Stick - Left Handed.The Prompto Comfy Grip Walking Stick is made from high quality aluminimum making it both lightweight and sturdy. The stick is fully height adjustable, giving a handle height of anything from 740mm - 790mm...

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Length may vary but is about 85cm/33.5" 3 cm ferrule This walking stick is made from the quality kind of beech wood, so is very solid and will be great for yearsTHIS STICK HAS BEEN VARNISHED AND THEN POLISHED FOR QUALITY APPEARANCEHand...

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Keeps canes and crutches handy. A clip-on holder balance the cane and a rubber pad helps keeps the holder from sliding off the table. The cane/crutch holder securely grips a cane or crutch with a 16 to 25mm (5/8" to 1") diameter. This device can...

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This is a 2 pack of Grey 16mm Ferrules suitable walking sticks (Please measure the size of your product...

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Do you suffer from painful hands when using a mobility aid? Then you need SudoGrip mobility grips, the most effective and comfortable solution for reducing hand pain associated with mobility aids. Standard mobility aids allow impact pressure...

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Lightweight and folds away neatly, for easy storage when not in use. These folding adjustable walking sticks with "T'' shaped textured plastic handle with hand strap comes with gilt trim and aluminum shaft Size - Extends from 85cm to 95cm in 2.5cm...

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